Magnus Linton pressbild för Atlas bokförlag.

Magnus Linton is a Swedish writer whose work tackles controversial social, political, and ethical topics. He is the author of several acclaimed non-fiction books, including The Vegans (2000), a provocative account of the ethics of eating meat that turned then Swedish prime minister Göran Persson into a ‘semi-vegetarian’; Americanos (2005), a pioneering masterpiece exploring the rise of neo-socialism in Latin America; and The Hated (2012), which examines the emergence of the new radical right in Europe. Linton’s book Cocaína, released 2013 in the UK and in the US 2014, was first published in Swedish in 2010 and was nominated for the August Prize, Sweden’s most important literary award.

Linton latest work Knark – en svensk historia (2015) (Junk: A Swedish Story) was praised by a solid body of critics and also nominated for the The August Prize. In this work Linton tells the breathtaking story of how one of the world’s otherwise most secular, liberal and politically pragmatic countries ended up as the strong-hold of irrational fundamentalism in the field of drugs. Åsa Linderborg, cultural editor at Aftonbladet, Scandinavia’s largest daily, called Knark ”an autopsy report of Swedish drug policy, an inquiry no one can deny. I am deeply shaken after reading, and equally impressed. Without a doubt this year’s best non-fiction book.” Magnus lives in Stockholm with his family.

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