Anders Breivik’s hatred does not come from a delusional mind

The long-term political consequences of the psychiatric report might be more severe. This diagnosis may be the one thing that puts the terror of Oslo in the category of school massacres and Charles Manson, instead of placing it where it belongs – as the last in a long series of violent acts perpetrated by the extreme political right.

As most Norwegians, I do not have the medical skills to support or overrule the verdict of a psychiatric commission. Either way, the paranoia and the crimes of Anders Breivik are his own, but his hatred does not come from a delusional mind. We recognise it as the white man's hatred that we have known for a century. His acts of terror mirror the views and expressions of a multitude of rightwing extremists. He is not alone in his madness.

Till Asiak Sira Myhres krönika i The Guradian.

Min nästa bok (kommer på Atlas i januari) innehåller tre långa reportage om Europas nya radikalhöger, ett om ovanstående – d v s Utöya, Breivik och den paranoida konservatism som givetvis spelat en central roll i hur ABB:s egna universum skapats.


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