Sorry for being aussieinternal this week but these are my only days in Australia and since I’m not on FB I hope swedes apologize. Cocaína is literally in every bookstore in Sydney and Elina’s beautiful cover is shining in windows all the way from Newtown to Kings Cross. Sweet. Scribe is a fabulous publishing house. I just read through the book and would like to once again extend my thanks to John Eason and Julia Carlomagno, my translator and editor, who both did such an incredible job. It reads fantastically well, and the remaining errors are just three. I dont know how this happened but for picky readers knowing Colombia: a) on page 23 it says that the border between Colombia and Venezuela is 354 kilometre, which should be 2 200. b) on page 115 American and Swedish miles have again caused confusion stating that hacienda Napoles is about ”ten miles” from Medellín which should be 100 kilometres. c) a bit more serious is that the AUC on page 167 is called a ”communist commando” when it should be ”anti-communist commando” but I’m sure every sober reader can figure that out from the context.


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