Höger som dödar

Ni som läst Americanos vet vad nedanstående handlar om och man kan väl bara säga att det var väntat. Förr eller senare skulle kyrkan och dess parti gå till förnyad attack mot en av de största feministiska segrarna i Latinamerika under nollnolltalet. Sprid, hjälp, agera. 

Dear Magnus,

I am delighted to inform you that Women's Link Worldwide's Programs Director Monica Roa was recently recognized as one of the top ten public leaders in Colombia by the Leadership and Democracy Foundation and the magazine Semana. This impressive accomplishment is a testament of Monica's commitment to and success in defending women's rights and comes at a critical moment in the country's debate on sexual and reproductive rights.

Just this past month, Colombia's Conservative Party and the Catholic Church filed a bill with over 5 million signatures as part of an aggressive anti-choice campaign aimed at overturning the 2006 landmark Decision C-355/06, which liberalized the country's restrictive abortion law and which has become a global reference for women's reproductive rights.

I am writing you now to ask for your support in ensuring that this does not happen. We are currently working with other reproductive rights organizations to develop a response to the Conservative Party and the Catholic Church's initiative in order to protect the right of women in Colombia to access safe and legal abortion services.

To make a donation to support Women's Link's work, simply visit our new website and click on "donations" or send a check made out to "Women's Link Worldwide" to the following address: Women's Link Worldwide, P.O. Box 415, Northfield, Vermont 05663. Please also forward this email onto family, friends and colleagues you think would be interested in supporting this important work.

On behalf of the Women's Link team, thank you for your support of our efforts to protect the rights of women in Colombia and around the world.

Best regards,

Viviana Waisman
Executive Director/ Directora Ejecutiva

Tel. + 34 91 185 1904
Fax + 34 91 185 1907


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