Rum i Gbg till ungersk feminist?

fick just detta mejl av min översättare när jag gjorde reportaget om högerextrema ungern till min senaste bok. låter som det bara går utför i landet. huh. nån som har en säng över i göteborg natten 25/4 och/eller 29/4? skicka i så fall ett mejl till mig på så förmeldar jag. anna är grym.

Hey, Magnus,

How are things with you? What's your new project? In Hungary, the extremists are getting more and more power; in fact the government just ratified an amendment to the constitution that severely affects gays, the homeless, and public education. Your research on the far-right would have been even more crucial now (and I am afraid, it will be even more so in the future).

The good news is that I am going to Sweden at the end of April. More specifically, between April 25 and 29 (Thursday till Tuesday), to Gothenburg. There's going to be a conference on gender studies. I got a travel grant and my accommodation is covered between 26-28, but not on the 25th and the 29th. I was wondering if you knew anyone, possibly some student or activist in Gothenburg, who would be willing to give me shelter for one night, for some wine and an invitation to visit me in Budapest, in exchange? Unfortunately, I cannot afford to go to a hotel or hostel. Before trying CouchSurfing, I thought I would ask you, since it would be better to stay with someone you know.



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